Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Wawrzyniec Eichmann

Wawrzyniec Eichmann (1807 Lipusz - 1880 Pine Creek)
Marianna Lipinska (1814 Lipusz - 1892 Pine Creek)

As the old tradition goes, Winona's first two Kashubian Polish families were the Bronks and the Eichmanns, both of which are said to have come from Wiele. The Jozef Bronk family of Wiele did indeed arrive in Winona in time for the 1860 US Census. The Eichmanns did not. Moreover, the Eichmanns who arrived after the 1860 US Census were from Lipusz. Wawrzyniec and Marianna nee Lipinska Eichmann were the second Eichmann family to reach the United States, after that of Franciszek and Katarzyna nee Maszk Eichmann. A sister, Marcianna Eichman Wera, also emigrated with her husband Maciej Wera to Milwaukee, Wisconsin in 1877.

Emigration and census data for Wawrzyniec and Marianna has not been found to date. The only material data is a headstone at Sacred Heart Cemetery in Pine Creek, inscribed "Maryana Eichman 1804-1892." That date would have made Marianna 56 when she gave birth to youngest of their twelve children, Franciszka Eichmann Spychala (1860-1937). Fortunately, two users list a range of birthdates for Marianna. I prefer the later end of the range, which is 1814, making her 46 at the birth of her last child.

The same two sources list Marianna's parents as Count Franciszek Ksawery Lubienski (1784-1826) and Paulina nee Potocka Lubienska (1793-1856). Neither surname is particularly Kashubian; rather, the Lubienskis and especially the Potockis were pillars of the Polish nobility. It's hard enough to imagine why such a storied couple would settle down in Lipusz, much less their marrying off their teenaged daughter to a humble son of the Kashubian soil. Maryanna was far, far more likely to be the daughter of plebeian Lipinskis.

The parents of twelve children, Wawrzyniec and Marianna headed the by far most prolific branch of the Eichmann family. I have come across some interesting stories about two of them: Anton Eichmann (1849-1908) and Zuzanna Marianna Eichman Betker (1851-1921).

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  1. I read with interest your post RE the Eichmann family from Lipusz. I'm a direct descendant of Marcianna Eichman Wera and live in Milwaukee, and have been working on my family's history. I have posted a good deal to the tree on Family Search (see Marianna at L4M2-BVT); there is also an older sketch on World Connect (see

    What is your interest in these people? Are you related to the Eichmann's? Doing history on Kashubian immigrants? or what?